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QHY294C Pro (Colour) Camera

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Camera technical details
Sensor: Sony IMX294 CMOS - COLOUR
Resolution: 11.6 Megapixels 4164 X 2796 / 46.8 Megapixels 8328 X 4992 in unlocked mode
Pixel size: 4.63 m (2.315m in unlock mode)
Sensor size: 19.28 mm x 12.95 mm (23.23 mm diagonal)
Exposure range: 60s-3600s
Read noise: 1.6e-/1.2e- at HGC mode ; 6.9e-/5.2e- at LGC mode
Dark current: 0.002e-/pixel/sec @ -20C
Full well capacity: 65,000 e-
Bit rate: 14 bit ADC (12 bit in unlocked mode)
Frame rate: 16.5 fps at full resolution (16 bits)
Shutter type: Rolling shutter
Cooling: ?T of 30C/35C Dual Stage TEC cooler
Memory buffer: 256 MByte DDR3
ROI: Supported
Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux
Optical window: AR coated (both sides)
AR coating on sensor: YES
Ports: USB 3.0
Back focus: 17mm 0.3mm
Connections: M42 x 0.75 female thread (embedded in camera dovetail)
Dimensions: 90 mm; ? 103.20 mm
Weight: 650 gr
Power supply: 12V 3A (2.15.5 mm connector)

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