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1149EQ2 Velocity Reflector Telescope with Steel Tripod

This starter telescope comes with a focal length of 900mm and an aperture of 114mm, meaning you'll get bright and detailed views of sky objects.

Combined with the accompanying eyepieces, finderscope, erecting eyepiece and equatorial mount, you'll be able to appreciate views of the Moon, planets and bright deep sky objects in no time.
  • Optical Design - Newtonian Reflector
  • Aperture 114mm
  • Highest Practical Power - 228x
  • Focal Length - 900mm
  • Focal Ratio - F/7.9
  • Eyepieces - Super 25, Super 10 and SR4
  • Finderscope - 5x24
  • Mount Type - German Equatorial EQ-2
  • Tripod - Steel
  • Optical Tube Dimensions - 15 x 83cm
  • Optical Tube Weight - 3.9kg
5 year limited warranty
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